A stage for the ages

Court Theatre, now in its 60th season, went from “a new type of summer theatre” to a Chicago institution.

The lot on 55th


Two rising third-years reflect on Pierce Tower’s house traditions.

The mystery of G. W. F. Hegel

Philosopher Sally Sedgwick investigates one of the field’s most challenging thinkers.

Hidden treasures


Ready to explore Tamil literature? South Asia scholar Sascha Ebeling shares his favorite works in translation.

Massive hunter prowled water’s edge

A UChicago collaboration uncovers the first-known semiaquatic dinosaur, the massive Spinosaurus, more than nine feet longer than T. rex.



Abbie Reese, MFA’13, completes the filming of her new documentary, Chosen: Custody of the Eyes.

Center in Paris celebrates first decade

Anniversary events highlight UChicago’s growing global engagement

Combining math and music


Leaders in disparate fields explain what unites them.